Frequently Asked Questions


What can be provided by I BOX ?

INVEVO TV offers a Subscription TV service from Around the world unedited and uncut live from your country of origin. From smashing hit TV dramas to first-class documentaries, and from box-office movies to avant-garde short films, and from the hottest variety shows to high quality educational programs, all can be found at INVEVO TV.

What are the I BOX advantages?

INVEVO TV is changing the way you watch TV .Not on your computer, but on your own TV . Viewers can watch news, sports, documentaries, daily live shows on your television, the best TV from their country, Video On Demand and PPV video are all available on your television with just a simple click of the remote control!

Keep control of your TV with our parental control feature.

How to install your I BOX ?

I BOX is easy to install, simply connect your Set-Top-Box to a modem or a router, and then connect your TV to the Set-Top-Box, Press the power button.You can then watch all your favorite programs.

What are requirements?

If you have broadband (Cable,Fios or DSL, Wireless adapter) service in your office house or at your home with minimum speeds of 1.5 kbps, we can provide you with an IBOX Set-Top-Box. You can test your network speed in the following websites:

How many package does INVEVO TV provide with I BOX and how much does it cost?

INVEVO TV offers the best value package for its I BOX customer. Silver plan, Bronze Plan, Gold Plan, and Elite plan to suite your budget.

Can I change the package I have ordered before the expiration of the billing period?

You can pay for the price difference. For monthly subscribers, they can change their package at the beginning of each calendar month.

When should I expect my I BOX after I order?

You can expect to receive your Set-Top-Box within 6-7 working days depending upon your location. If you place an order with the local reseller, you can either pick up your Set-Top-Box from the reseller or have it sent to you by mail.

Connected TV

What is connected TV ?

The term connected TV is commonly used to refer to any streaming device or TV with internet enabled capabilities.

A full list of all connected TV where you can download our FREE App is provided.

How to install INVEVO TV App ?

Google TV & Android devices

  1. Purchase your Google TV or Android devices (Android version 3.2 and up)
  2. Go to the Google Play Store on your Google TV or Android
  3. Find the Search field and type INVEVO TV
  4. Click on the found result and click ok to Install
  5. Click on the Accept Download to continue the installation process.
  6. Look for INVEVO TV icon on all apps and open it.
  7. Go to make your payment
  8. Enter your INVEVO TV account username(email) and password. click the Login button

How to contact INVEVO TV and its office hour?

Our service center is open 24h/7j

Phone number

USA: +1 202 350 9035
Canada: +1 416 628 6527
U.K: +44 203 608 4281
Asia: +81 345 209 558
Rest of World: +

You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact your local reseller.